LA TIMES: Reviews: The quirky romance of ‘The Divorce Party’ and ‘Pinsky’

“Directed by Lundquist in her feature debut, ‘Pinsky’ is brightened by colorful animations and Karpovsky’s winning performance as the spirited, sarcastic Sophia.”

SHORT OF THE WEEK:  Review on Career Day

"Two outstanding performances magnify the screenplay, and carry the depth of the words to the screen. Matilda Flemming as Alley and Rebecca Karpovsky as Mandy have a natural chemistry that makes their mother/daughter relationship extremely genuine. It honestly reminded me of the Bledel/Graham duo on Gilmore Girls. Both Flemming and Karpovsky portray their multi-dimensional characters with a commending ease, switching from drama to comedy, from one line to the other in the most convincing way, making their characters endearing and impossible not to root for."

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